Investigation of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Quality of Lithuanian Highways

Evaldas Petkevicius, Rolandas Petkevicius, Rimantas Bacinskas


Planning of road building and repair sectors requires evaluation of the actual state of the road pavement. The available methods of evaluation of the condition and construction of pavement have serious shortcomings: some of them are lacking precision and reliability, others are too sophisticated. For this reason they are not very helpful in practice. Based on analysis of previous works and on the experimental results, a sufficiently accurate and simple method for evaluation of the state of asphalt concrete pavement is suggested. The present status of the asphalt concrete pavement and its construction as well as the main causes of their disintegration are discussed. Important principles of road maintenance, ensuring a longer lifetime of asphalt concrete pavement are presented. Factors indicating the state of the pavement are established. Indices of the state of asphalt concrete pavement roads were analysed and standard values of these indices suggested. Correlation between the pavement smoothness results according to the international index IRI YIRI and measured with a 4 m long bar is defined. Conclusions and recommendations are given.


asphalt concrete pavement; condition of the pavement; smoothness of the pavement; abundance of ruts on the pavement; strength of the pavement; degradation of the pavement; lifetime of the pavement; transport expenses

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