Analysis of Deflections of Bridge Girders Strengthened by Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

Tomas Skuturna, Juozas Valivonis, Povilas Vainiūnas, Gediminas Marčiukaitis, Mykolas Daugevičius


The paper deals with experimental and theoretical investigations in reinforced concrete structures strengthened with carbon fibre sheets. Four stages in the behaviour of concrete structures strengthened with the carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) are distinguished. A method for calculating the deflections of such structures is presented. The design procedure for defining the strength of the structures evaluates the stiffness of the contact between the carbon fibre and the concrete. Experimental investigations with different fastening methods of the CFRP to the concrete were performed. In experimental investigations deflections of the strengthened members have been examined. Results of the calculations of deflections for experimental beams according to the proposed method are presented. A comparison of experimental and theoretical deflections is presented in the paper.


external carbon fibre reinforcement; strengthening; bridge beams; deflections

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DOI: 10.3846/1822-427X.2008.3.145-151


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