Space Frame Lattice Model for Stress Analysis of Bridge

Chao Liu, Dong Xu


The space frame lattice model, which is suitable for the analysis of stress of entire cross-section of bridge, is presented. It is suitable for the analysis of stress of entire cross-section of bridge. The relatively weaker position of stress in box-girder section was analyzed. By using the presented space frame lattice model, the shear stress and principle tensile stress of the box girder cross-section in Xintan Bridge, which is a continuous prestressed concrete rigid frame with the 75+130+75 m span, was calculated and analyzed. An innovative layout method of mixed internal and external prestressed tendons was adopted. In addition, the space frame lattice model is worth to be further investigated. It can be applied to more bridge patterns.


space frame lattice model; stress analysis; mixed tendon layout method; long-span continuous rigid frame bridge; shear stress; principle tensile stress

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2010.14


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