Semi–Empirical Model of the Simulation of Traffic Pollution Dispersion Near Roadways

Bronislovas Martinėnas, Valdas Špakauskas, Dainius Jasaitis


A semi-empirical statistical model based on physical processes intended for simulation of traffic pollution dispersion near roadways is applied. The pollution source is a road and transport, which in this model is simulated as an undeviating cut-off cylinder, formed along the roadway and filled with aerosol particles. The dispersion of the cloud of these aerosol particles into the environment by the crosswind directed perpendicularly to the road is investigated, including the gravitation, particle buoyancy and diffusion of atmosphere effects. The main attention is focused on the concentration change of the particles size range of 0.05–0.22 μm when receded further from the road in the direction of the wind. Parameters of the model are adjusted to the data of the experiment above the ground surface in horizontal locality. Good agreement between the model and experimental results is obtained.


modelling; traffic pollution; aerosol particles; roadside

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2011.03


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