The Road of Experimental Pavement Structures: Experience of Five Years Operation

Audrius Vaitkus, Alfredas Laurinavičius, Rolandas Oginskas, Algirdas Motiejūnas, Miglė Paliukaitė, Oksana Barvidienė


The road of experimental pavement structures was constructed in 2007 and still continues its operation. The road consists of 27 different pavement structures with the same class of pavement structure but the different type and composition of materials. The experimental pavement structures were laid on the road to the query, one traffic lane is used by loaded traffic and other – by unloaded traffic. In May, 2012 totally 320 000 ESAL’s (100 kN) passed the road. Annually – about 70 000 ESAL’s. This article gives the research results of the bearing capacity and surface characteristics of experimental pavement structures after five years of their service.


asphalt pavement structure; pavement distress; ruts (-ing); ESAL’s; roughness of pavement; IRI

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2012.30


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