Problems of Energy Reduction During the Hot-Mix Asphalt Production

Wojciech Grabowski, Lukasz Janowski, Jaroslaw Wilanowicz


The paper presents selected factors that affect the energy consumption during the technological process of hot mix asphalt production and the level of fuel consumption depending on the moisture content of mineral aggregates located on the plant site. Basing on earlier investigations, measurements and analyses, as well as on working experience in organization and control system to exclude unnecessary energy loss during hot mix asphalt production, the authors reviewed the available worldwide literature on the topic. Attention was directed to the mathematical-physical dependence and the results of engineer measurements regarding the authors’ own research. Between 2007–2009 consumption of fuel and aggregate moisture content on the plant sites and hot mix asphalt production parameters were measured to verify the analyses and conclusions found in literature. The authors focused on the problem of the production capacity relating to the consumption of fuel. This paper is an attempt to define the possibility of energy-consumption reduction during hot mix asphalt production through suitable work organization or technical solutions. The paper presents the discussion over the authors’ own results of investigations as well as results of analyses of other authors in the concerned field.


energy; moisture; production; hot mix asphalt; aggregate; fuel; consumption

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