A Hybrid Model for Selecting Location of Mobile Cranes in Bridge Construction Projects

Mohamed Marzouk, Mohamed Hisham


Mobile cranes are considered one of main equipment in bridge construction projects. Choosing the best locations for mobile cranes in bridge construction sites is an important task that must be done efficiently. This paper presents a hybrid model that integrates Genetic Algorithms and Bridge Information Modeling to choose the best locations of mobile cranes in bridges construction sites, taking into account different constraints related to: safety, clearance, existing site conditions, construction schedule, and duration of erecting structural members. The proposed model is novel since it explores more features of Bridge Information Modeling such as decision making including location of mobile cranes and less boom maneuvers.


Genetic Algorithms (GAs); Building Information Modeling (BrIM); 3D modeling; construction equipment

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2013.23


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