Simplified Load Distribution Factors for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridge Decks

Woraphot Prachasaree, Pongsak Sookmanee, Suchart Limkatanyu, Hota V. S. GangaRao


In recent years, researchers have investigated the load distribution factors due to vehicle wheel loads. Several load distribution factors for fiber reinforced polymer deck-steel stringer bridge systems have been proposed. Unfortunately, these load distribution factors are only used for each particular fiber reinforced polymer bridge deck system. Therefore, the objective of the research effort is to present the load distribution results of a parametric study using finite element analysis. The simplified load distribution factors were developed herein. The bridge parameters for this study were stringer spacing, bridge span, width of bridge models, types of fiber reinforced polymer bridge decks and numbers of traffic lanes. The bridge responses under various wheel loading conditions were investigated. The simplified distribution factors based on “S-over-factor” formula were proposed and compared with the load distribution factors obtained from specifications, analytical and field data. The load distribution results for this present study were correlated to the previous research data. The upper and lower bound limit of the load distribution factors were presented to purpose of preliminary guidelines.


fiber reinforced polymer (FRP); composites; bridge; deck; finite element; load distribution

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2013.35


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