The Correlation Between the Noise and Vibration Induced by a Bridge Movement Joint

Joseph Chung Kai Wong, YiuYin Lee, Yiu Tommy Lo, Kwun Wah Wong, Andrew Yee Tak Leung, Wai Kay Fok, Heung Fai Lam, Chi Kwong Wong, Chung Yim Edward Yiu


This study addresses the research on the noise and vibration correlation of a bridge movement joint. The aim of this research is to assess the noise induced by the vibration of a bridge movement joint without lane closure during the operation period. There are two methods of developing the correlation between the tyre/joint noise and vibration: (i) Direct Sound and Vibration Measurement Method, (ii) Acoustic-Box-in-Vehicle Method. The first one is the measurements of the vibration change at a bridge movement joint and roadside noise change induced when a control vehicle is passing it (this one requires lane closure). The correlation between the vibration change and roadside noise change is plotted according the measurement data. The second one is the measurements of the structure-borne noise change in an acoustic box installed into the control vehicle and roadside noise change induced. Similarly, the correlation between the structure-borne noise change and roadside noise induced is plotted. It is found that the two correlations are linear and similar to each other, even though the roadside noise is nonlinearly increasing against the control vehicle speed.


tyre/joint noise; tyre/joint vibration; traffic noise; bridge movement joint; highway

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2014.26


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