Modelling and Simulation of Crash Tests on Curved Barriers Taking into Account Vehicle Speed Limits

Marian Klasztorny, Daniel Bronislaw Nycz, Kamil Pawel Zajac


The reliable speed of a vehicle, assigned to a given road arc, is not usually taken into account in simulation of crash tests on road safety barriers located on horizontal concave arcs with small radii (20−200 m). In this work, the numerical modelling and simulations of TB11, TB32 crash tests for selected road safety barriers on a horizontal concave arc with a small radius of 150 m, at a reliable and increased speed of a vehicle, were conducted. The authors developed the methodology of numerical modelling and simulation and published in the period 2015−2018. In this study, crash tests include two N2 class steel road barriers with the B-type guide rail, i.e. SP-05/1 (with 1.00 m post spacing) and SP-05/2 (with 2.00 m post spacing). Suzuki Swift and Dodge Neon vehicle models were taken from the National Crash Analysis Center (USA) library and modified, respectively. It was proved that road traffic safety on horizontal concave arcs with small radii is assured if the reliable velocity is not exceeded by drivers. Compacting the post spacing or the uses of a composite-foam protective overlay added to guide rails are not recommended.


crash tests; horizontal concave arc; influence of impact velocity; influence of post spacing; modelling and simulation; road safety barrier

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DOI: 10.7250/bjrbe.2019-14.445


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