Simplified Engineering Method of Suspension Bridges With Rigid Cables Under Action of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Loads

Tatjana Grigorjeva, Algirdas Juozapaitis, Zenonas Kamaitis


The basic disadvantage of suspension bridges can be considered their increased deformability. One of the ways to increase the rigidity of a suspension bridge is to transfer a part of stiffening girder rigidity to a suspension cable. A rigid cable better resists the imposed symmetrical and asymmetrical loads and displacements and retains its original geometric form. This paper presents a theoretical investigation of the suspension bridge with the rigid cable. Also, taking into account the geometrical non-linearity of rigid cable behaviour, a simplified analysis method for determination of forces and displacements in stiffening girder and cable of suspension bridge was developed.


suspension bridge; rigid cable; stiffening girder; displacements

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