Fine Particles Spreading Into the Roadside Model and Typical of its Distribution

Bronislovas Martinėnas, Evelina Brannvall, Valdas Špakauskas


Model of fine particles dispersion when crosswind is blowing is created on the ground of immediate observations of a whirl of dust formed behind a driven car. When the wind is absent, the cylindrical shape whirl of dust immediately changes into the cylindrical shape with a cut-off by the ground dust cloud. The properties of the distribution of particles concentrations model were studied on the basis of regression equation of probability density function. By variation of α0 , efforts were made to find the best congruence of normalised probability density and experimental data. For a practical implementation of the model it is important that the influence of the wind speed change in the distribution of the particles concentrations. A good congruence of regression equation and experimental data in the distances of more than 90 m from the road shows that, when the wind speed is low, the particles distribution scheme described in the model fits very well.


fine particles; distribution; freeway

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