Analysis of Lithuanian Gravel Roads Paving Programme Implementation in 1998–2005

Skirmantas Skrinskas, Arvydas Domatas


The article presents the research based on economic feasibility evaluation of model KAMIS developed for paving* of gravel roads. The model is built for Lithuanian climatic, economic and technological conditions, but it could be adopted in other regions, especially regions with “freezing and thawing climates”. After 8 years of model application for appraisal of Lithuanian Gravel Roads Paving Programme it was estimated that consequences after the presented Lithuanian Gravel Roads Conditions Research and KAMIS model application have accumulated 1,09 billion LTL (316 million €) gain for Lithuanian society. Conclusions and findings of the Analysis of Lithuanian Gravel Roads Paving Programme implementation from 1998 to 2005 are presented at the end of the article.


gravel roads; asphalt paving; investment appraisal; economic valuation model; roughness; KAMIS; HDM-IV

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