Evaluation of Geotextiles Separation Performance on the Impact of Transport Loads: Experimental Research – Stage I

Audrius Vaitkus, Donatas Čygas, Alfredas Laurinavičius, Antanas Aloyzas Juzėnas


The paper deals with the performance of geotextiles separation function in road pavement structure and geotextile damage from transport loads. The experimental research consists of installation of two different types geotextiles on the bottom of the sub-base (gravel-granite mix, granite and dolomite) of road pavement structure with and without asphalt pavement. Throughout research evaluation of geotextiles damage and separation function performance depends on impact of different amount of vehicle loads has to be done. On stage I performance of separation function and geotextiles damage evaluated after 34 000 equivalent single axle loads (ESALs).


separation; geosynthetic; geotextile; geotextile damage; road pavement structure; transport loads; equivalent single axle loads

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