Analysis and Evaluation of the Efficiency of Road Safety Measures Applied to Lithuanian Roads

Kornelija Ratkeviciiite, Donatas Cygas, Alfredas Laurinavičius, Andrius Maciulis


Road traffic safety has become a priority field in the integration process of the state road network into the European road network. Due to the Lithuanian integration into the economy of Western Europe, the state transport system has been rapidly changing. Road traffic safety has become one of the major factors describing the present transport system and its positive and negative changes.

The article presents the road safety problems in Lithuania and gives an analysis of road accidents according to the data of the Traffic Police as well as their types and main causes. The analysis of the most important measures for improving traffic safety is presented. The second task is focused on the analysis of the methodology for calculating losses of accidents.


road traffic safety; road safety improvement measures; accidents

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