Investigation of Automobile Wheel Impact on the Road Border

Edgar Sokolovskij, Olegas Prentkovskis, Robertas Pečeliūnas, Jurgita Kinderytė-Poškienė


Impact of the automobile wheels on the road border, as a result of which the wheel tire gets dismantled, is considered in the article. The required force and the minimal speed of driving, which is equivalent to the expenditures of the kinetic energy, necessary for dismantling the tire from the wheel rim after impact on the road border, are ascertained. The values of this force and speed, typical of the automobiles, attributed to different classes, their dependence upon the height of the road border and the angle of impact with the border are fixed. The more precise methods for calculating the automobile speed prior to the traffic accident, by taking into consideration the expenditures of the kinetic energy, necessary for dismantling the wheel after occurrence of its impact on the road border, is suggested.


impact; wheel; automobile; road border; tire; dismantling; equivalent speed

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