Structural Behaviour of a Skewed Integral Bridge Affected by Different Parameters

Shatirah Akib, Moatasem M. Fayyadh, Ismail Othman


This paper presents results of an investigation on the effects of different parameters on the structural behavior of a skewed integral bridge. Flow velocities affected the scour depths at the piles, and subsequently, affected the structural behavior of the bridge’s substructure. Different loading locations had varying influences on the scour depth, as well as the structural behavior of the integral bridge. Laboratory tests on a scaled down hydraulic model were undertaken to simulate the structural behavior of the scoured integral bridge. The scale of the model was chosen to simulate the actual bridge dimensions, material properties, and loading. Three different velocities were accounted for, based on the actual flow velocities of the river under the bridge, and were scaled according to the model size. Two different truck locations were adopted. The main data acquired from the experiment were the displacements and strains at specific locations on the deck slab and piles. Specifically, the results of this investigation can be utilized to identify and provide accurate design parameters for the design of a skewed integral bridge. Furthermore, results can subsequently be applied in the design of a better scour protection system.


integral bridge; scour depth; vehicle location; flow velocity; strain; deflection

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2011.15


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