The Use of Logit Model for Designing Mixtures of Soils Stabilized With Hydraulic Binders

Leszek Rafalski, Michał Ćwiąkała


Certain soils encountered in practice are difficult or impossible to use for road building. To improve their mechanical properties, various methods of soil stabilization are applied. A widely used means of soil stabilization is the addition of hydraulic binders. In the methodology of designing of soil-binder mixtures it is important to determine how, based on variable parameters characterizing a sample of soil, to predict the grade of the binder and the quantity in which it is to be added to the soil in order for defined requirements to be met. This work describes an application of statistical logit model in designing soil-binder mixtures intended to be used for road foundations, subject to defined requirements as to their strength and frost resistance.


soil stabilization; soil reinforcement; hydraulic road binders; soil-binder mixtures; road foundation design; logit model

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2014.19


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