Peculiarity of Low Noise Pavement Design Under Lithuanian Conditions

Audrius Vaitkus, Viktoras Vorobjovas, Aleksandras Jagniatinskis, Tadas Andriejauskas, Boris Fiks


The paper gives a detailed overview and analysis of road transport noise propagation, noise composition and impacts on the living conditions. Road transport noise has been rapidly growing and the traditional noise abatement solutions, such as noise barriers, are not always suitable and cost-effective for particular road infrastructure. One of the most promising and effective solutions is the use of low noise pavements. Presently, low noise pavements are not being used in Lithuania but expected to have a good environmental noise reduction potential. However, the most effective low noise pavement solutions according to other European countries’ experience are not always applicable for Lithuanian road conditions. For these reasons, few low noise asphalt pavement mixtures were developed to achieve a relatively high noise reduction effect and maintain sufficient mechanical and operational characteristics under Lithuanian conditions. Laboratory testing results (including mechanical and physical, noise reduction and durability characteristics) and comparison with traditional asphalt mixtures are provided in the paper as well as recommendations for the use of the developed low noise asphalt mixtures.


tyre/road noise; low noise asphalt; asphalt noise tests; pavement noise emission

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2014.20


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