Investigation on Application of Basalt Materials as Reinforcement for Flexural Elements of Concrete Bridges

Viktor Gribniak, Aleksandr K. Arnautov, Gintaris Kaklauskas, Vytautas Tamulenas, Edgaras Timinskas, Aleksandr Sokolov


Basalt polymers are rather new materials for civil engineering; therefore, identification of peculiarities and limitations of application of such polymers in concrete structures (particularly bridges) is of vital importance. This paper experimentally investigates deformation behaviour and cracking of flexural elements, which are predominant parameters governing serviceability of the bridges. Unlike a common practice, the present study is not limited by the analysis of concrete beams reinforced with the polymer bars; it also considers effectiveness of basalt fibre reinforced polymer sheets for repairing the beams. The analysis has revealed that a combination of the high strength and elasticity polymer materials governs the effective repair of the beams by significantly increasing (up to 40%) the structural stiffness.


reinforced concrete; basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP); internal bars; external sheets; test data

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DOI: 10.3846/bjrbe.2015.25


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