Evaluation of the Increased Dynamic Effects on the Highway Bridge Superstructure

Ilze Paeglite, Juris Smirnovs, Ainars Paeglitis


Dynamic properties of the bridge superstructure vary depending on many characteristics of the bridge and the loading conditions. In this paper, maximum Dynamic Amplification Factor was calculated for six different types of typical pre-stressed concrete beam bridges. It showed that each type of bridge with similar loading has a different range of Dynamic Amplification Factor. At the same time, every recently built bridge has different geometry and design load. Hence, it is difficult to determine a characteristic value of Dynamic Amplification Factor for the similar type of structures. By using fullscale dynamic and static bridge tests, it is possible to determine the necessary characteristics which show possibly high Dynamic Amplification Factor. This factor indicates if it is necessary to make a full-scale bridge dynamic analysis. It was found that those characteristics are natural frequency (first mode), damping ratio, relative deflection, and span and depth ratio. Obtained results from tests show a range of values for each of the characteristic. These ranges were analysed for reinforced concrete slab and pre-stressed concrete slab, and girder bridges.


bridge; dynamic; Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF); natural frequency; reinforced concrete

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DOI: 10.7250/bjrbe.2018-13.418


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