Buckling of Double-T Construction Elements for Bridges in Case of Complicated Loading


  • Antanas Žiliukas Kaunas University of Technology, Kęstučio g. 27, 44025 Kaunas, Lithuania




buckling, double-T element, complicated loading, bending, torsion


This paper analyzes the stability of double-T elements with complicated loading under bending moment and extra torsional moment. In case of simple bending, long elements and elements of small cross-section are under bending and torsion moments. Here, an extra torsional moment is also evaluated that can occur in constructions under external effects: unsymmetrical loads, wind and temperature. Classical solutions are analyzed in various papers and studies, and engineering solutions given in standards present no examples of such a complicated loading. Therefore, this paper suggests energy method to calculate critical bending forces and extra torsional moment values. Obtained analytical equations are tested by experiment and present to be acceptable.


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