Evaluation of Horizontal Curve Radius Effect on Driving Speed in Two Lane Rural Road. Pilot Study





design speed (Vd), horizontal curve, low-volume road, operating speed (V85), regional road


This paper presents a case study of driving speed at horizontal curves in the regional road. The literature review of operating speed at horizontal curves in regional roads expresses the difference between design speed and driving speed. Driving speed was measured in ten horizontal curves on regional road No. 2610. Collected data was compared to the design speed, various design standards, and Operating Speed Prediction Models for traffic in low-volume roads. Based on result analysis, was proposed initial adjusted minimum radius of the horizontal curve based on operating speed. It is justified that proposed corrections based on operating speed ensure a credible speed limit effect on road safety. The performed experiment showed different tendencies comparing measured driving speed with permitted and design speeds. It was determined that dependent on specific curved section drivers tend to exceed posted speed limit from 17% to 98% of cases, and from 41% to 100% − the design speed in the horizontal curve. This research led to identifying the limitations of experimental research methodology. These limitations are related to experimental Site selection with different combinations of alignment elements, traffic, and accident data. A pilot study showed significant results and gave essential insights into the full-scale research plan. The results are expected to benefit both other researchers and the organisations responsible for the development and implementation of normative technical documents for road design.


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