Rebuilding Bailey Bridge to Bridge With Bascule Span – A Case Study




Bailey bridge, bridge structure, foldable bridge, FEM, structural analysis


The structural analysis of a road foldable prefabricated steel Bailey- type bridge located over the Tuga River in Żelichowo, Poland is performed in this paper. Interesting and untypical bridge redevelopment performed made it possible to lift the middle foldable bridge span by approximately 4.0 m concerning the existing state. The paper begins with a survey of literature carried out on the investigations of foldable Bailey-type bridge subject matter. A description of the numerical modelling of foldable prefabricated bridges is performed. The comparison of the proof load test results with the FEM numerical model results has shown very good compatibility. This paper can provide scientists, engineers, and designers the basis for structural analysis in the field of foldable Bailey-type bridge constructions and numerical simulations.


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