Bridges With Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Structures


  • Ainars Paeglitis Department of Roads and Bridges, Riga Technical University, Azenes st. 20, LV-1048 Riga, Latvia
  • Genadijs Sahmenko Department of Roads and Bridges, Riga Technical University, Azenes st. 20, LV-1048 Riga, Latvia


concrete, lightweight aggregate, bridge


Traditionally the lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) has been applied in buildings for many years. The improvement of the technology of production, mix composition and execution has considerably changed the nowadays LWAC properties. The uses of various admixtures have increased the strength, stress-strain modulus and decreased the creep that allowed the use of LWAC for the hardly loaded bridge structures worldwide. The paper describes the experience of use of LWAC for bridge structures in Latvia. The obtained results showed that the use of high-strength LWAC will decrease the dead load of bridge structures without reduction of load-carrying capacity. In many cases the use of LWAC will help the reconstruction and widening of the existing bridge structures.


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